Is your favorite break a mile or 2 from the nearest parking lot? Is it hard to find parking when tourists invade your local spot? Well beach bike or a mountain bike equippd with a surfmule surfboard rack is the answer!
Get paddling out into some waves while everyone else drives around wasting time and gas searching for a parking spot.

(They will eventually find a spot blocks away from the beach.) The SurfMule surfrack system is designed to be a multi-function rack. If the surf is flat you can throw some folding beach chairs on this surfrack and head to the beach. The Surfmule surfrack is built to last and can carry both long and short boards.

The Surfmule bolt on surfboard rack was designed to accommodate a wide variety of bike frames. The Surfmule has been installed on beach bikes, mountain bikes, bmx, cruisers, tandems, road bikes.....basically any bike that has lower eyelets on the frame.
The Surfmule is multi-functional.....most surfboard bike racks can only be used to carry surfboards. But what if the surf is flat and your also into skating? What if you want to skate at multiple skate spots? What if your buddies want you to meet them at the dock to go wakeboarding? The Surfmule is the answer.....

Surfmule-Bolt On Racks!
weld on surf board bike racks
Bolt On Surfboard Bike Rack

The Bike Rack to Cruise your Surf Boards down to the Beach!
Slide through narrow alleyways, cars and crowds. Strong enough to carry all types and sizes of surfboards.
•Fits Most Bikes
•Multi-Use Rack
•Solid Durable Construction
•Easy to Install (bolt on model)

The Surfmule Bike Rack System is Multi - Purpose can be used for:
•Long Boards
•Short Boards
•Fishing Poles
•Shovels (for building kickers or mtn. bike trails)